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Jounouchi Katsuya (Joey Wheeler):

"I'm not going to let you or your shiny head stop me."

"This ain't no dream. This is just me going insane."

"I have a few words for him, but there's a lady present."

"Like the time my grandma came to see me be a tree in the
school pageant."

Joey: (Cradling his card) Isn't that right my little Red Eyes? Who's going to help me kick some major Kaiba-butt?" (Kisses the card)WHAT!!!! Haven't you ever seen a guy kiss his card before?"

Joey: "Wow. My brain hurts."

"You ought a be who you wanna be."

"Yeah, Tristan. Eat all the pages you like!"

"Ah... this is your captain speaking. If you direct your attention to the left side of our aircraft you can see that freaky floating castle, some clouds, and what appears to be a swarm of ferocious winged monsters ready to devour us!"

"Cause he's a grade A nutcase."

"And you could use a haircut. What's your point?"

"That glowing eyeball on your head must be frying your brain!"

"Get a load of Marik. He's so scared, his hair is standing up!"

"What is with this guy? He's nuttier than a fruit-cake!"

"School's back in session right now and Professor Wheeler's in the house."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Stunned silence wasn't the answer I was looking for."

"That's because Joey Wheeler doesn't give up!"

"I'm sorry I let you down Mai but I promise I'm going to get you out of this mess."

"That's Yugi Moto. He defeated Seto Kaiba. And I'm his best friend. (points to Tea and Tristan) And these two are trespassers!"

"So watch out skull face. You'd better be scared! Cause this little puppy dog is gonna chase your bony butt outta this graveyard!"

(Thinking) "If he knows that I know then he knows what I know, and.... Ah I'm just gonna attack."

"Oh, boy! Duelin' grandpas? This I gotta see!"

"I'm bad, you know it. I'm bad, I'll show it."

"For a duelist with ESP you sure do ask a lot of questions."

"I'm putting this in the category of 'Not Good'."

"Aw, man! The duel already started! I knew that we shouldn't have waited for Tristan when he was in the bathroom!"

(After banging his face on the glass window) "Ow! Arrr it's great to be back in the real world!"

(Joey Catches Cards With Teeth and Fingers After They Blew Away) "Note to self beware of gusty winds"

(Dreaming) - "A berry and cream'd hit the spot right now...a glaze...and a crawlers...GIGANTIC DONUT!"

"They believe in me. There's no way I'll let them down!"

"But what about my potato song?"

"Are you saying we should be more like you Mai? I guess I could try that. (Mocks Mai) I'm gorgeous, I'm a great duelist, I love me! How's that? "


Yugi: Uh... Joey? I don't think you're supposed to cook the candy bars...
Joey: Back off, I know what I'm doin'"

Joey: Look, Mokuba, the fairy turned you into a girl.
Mokuba: Great. Maybe the fairy can make you smart.

Doctor: "He was in critical condition a minute ago."
Joey: "Don't lie, doc. Five minutes ago!"

Joey: "Put it on my tab."
Grandpa: "But your tab's full."
Joey: "Then put it on Tristan's tab!"

Tristan: "I brought along a nature survival guide!"
Joey: "Can we eat it?"

Tea: "Joey, since when can you fix an engine?"
Joey: "Please, how hard could it be? *Looks at the ships engine* then again I don't wanna get my hands dirty right now."

Joey: "Who knew there was actually a nice guy inside that psychotic evil nutcase."
Mai: "You've certainly got a way with words Joey"
Joey: "It's a gift."

Joey: Do you think I'd be dumb enough to let that happen?
Yami Marik: Yes.

Yugi: Look at this stuff, candy bars!
Joey: Dibs on the candy bars.
Yugi: Potato chips!
Tristian: Dibs on the chips.
Yugi: Canned fruit!
(No reply)
Yugi: Soda
Joey: Dibs on the soda.

Joey: If she's not slaying insults then she's barking orders.
Tristan: I'm willing to swallow my pride if it means swallowing some food!

Mai: Okay, give me all your star chips and I'll give you some food.
Joey: No way! Potato chips... I mean star chips are priceless!

Tea: What a weird dream...
Joey: This is no dream, this is me goin' insane.

Tristan: I just dreamed that Bakura went totally mental!
Joey: Same here. Last time I snooze with dueling cards under my pillow.
Bakura: Sleep well guys? (sweet face)
Joey & Tristan: BAKURAA!!! Huh?
Tristan: Hands off!
Joey: You grabbed me.

Joey: I'm such a sensitive guy!
Tristan: Yeah, when you're not being a pain.
Tea: Which is most of the time.
Joey: Ahh, my adorin' fans!

Kaiba: I have created the ultimate dueling device known to man!
Joey: Looks like a normal briefcase to me.
Kaiba: It's in the briefcase you moron!

Joey: "Hey, you calling me a scared little puppy dog?"
Tristan: "Well, if the collar fits...."

Joey - "I'm telling ya, somebody's stalking us!"
Tristan - "Were are you going?"
Joey - "To stalk them!""

Joey - "Gimme seconds of that cheese..."
Tristan - "Yea, and that ham..."
Joey - "And uh that weird jelly cake looking thing."
Téa - "If this were a duel munchers competition, you two would win."

(Yugi, Joey, and Mokuba meet at the fountain)
Yugi: Did you find out anything, Joey?
(Joey limps over with a dog biting his leg)
Joey: Yeah, I found out that I hate virtual dogs!

Joey: Go, 'Drumstick!
Mai: Ummm, guys. Joey named his chicken.

Mai: "Careful, everyone. Keep your hands and feet away from Joey's mouth."
Joey: chokes on food
Mai: "Are you okay?"
Joey: "Yeah, happens all the time!"
Mai: "Disgusting."

Tristan: It's a good thing I spotted Yugi in there.
Joey: And what about me? I came up with the brilliant plan for gettin' the Puzzle off the wall.
Tristan: (laughs) Oh yeah, brilliant! "Let's stick the pole through the hole and then pull on it really hard!"

Joey: (Game store) I'm just going to play dumb.
Tristan: Play dumb?

Joey: "You mean he's psycho?"
Rex: "No, psychic."

Tea: Yup! Yugi's room is definitely bigger!!
Tristan (raiding the mini fridge): You have no idea how hard it is to find this type of cheese!
Duke: Let's chow down!
Tea: Ohhh (waves a menu) Room service a la Joey
Joey: Get outta my room you lazy moochers!!

Joey: I'm going to beat you in nine turns!
Duke Devlin: Where's he come up with nine?
Tristan: With Joey, it's better not to ask.

Joey: *Singing one potato two potato*
Kaiba: Just chose a door you geek.